Thursday, 1 October 2009

A Happy mamma Duck Updates

I belive some of you still remember the story of Happy Mamma Duck and her nine babies. I will try to give you some updates about this nice family.

First of all, let me tell you that we lost three out of the 9 babies. The fox kidnapped two babies:

While the cat brutally killed a third baby:

So after all the killing, the remaining family includes the lovely and dedicated mother together with her six babies:

Have a look and you can see for yourself that the baby who was initially yellow colored is totally white now. For us this's not less than a miracle:

Not only white but she is the only sister for her five remaining brothers. She is so beautiful, brave, independent, adventurous and tried her best all the time to be close to her mum and also to look after her brothers and to be there for them.

She is showing an early leadership in this picture:

While here, she proves to be ready to go as far as it takes:

Myself and my colleagues enjoyed looking after them and feeding them 24 hours so they grew up so fast.I have to say that we brought for them some special tasty tablets full of vitamins so they used to run toward us whenever we tried to see them.

During the last week of their stay they continued checking out their wings and just two weeks ago we arrived in the morning to see that they have gone!!!

Farewell, my friends and confidantes!
As you go, so must all
Return upon the well-worn path
Each soul must travel by.
Wend where you will, our wanderers,
Even as you stay
Long-treasured in the lonely hearts,
Loved well, though far away.


زهرة الراوي said...

لاااااا خطية ..
الله يرحم الماتوا ..
بس وين راحوا؟ إذا هنا أكو أكل وشرب؟
ياالله .. الله يحفظهم وييسرلهم..
شكراً على الأبديت عن هذه العائلة الكريمة

Khalid from said...

الشكر والتقدير لزيارتكم الكريمة ايتها الاخت الفاضلة زهرة الراوي ونعم تركوا الراحة الى موقع آخر لانعلمه لانه آوان هجرتهم السنوية

واشكر لكم مرة اخرى زيارتكم واتمنى لكم الخير كله انشاء الله

Dr.Violet said...

oh that's beautiful duck having mutation !
she remindes me of myself :D
thank you dear brother for this great post

Khalid from said...

Dear Dr. Viola,

Thank you sister for your kind visit and I'm sure your future will be full of success and happiness.