Monday, 29 June 2009

A Happy Mamma Duck & a dead Pigeon

I have two stories, which I would like to share with you.
Let me start with the happy story which took place when, on my arrival to work about ten days ago, I herd a mama duck quacking loudly at the nearby pond of water. So, I went quickly over there to see something really amazing happening. The mamma duck was in actual fact encourging her nine babies to jump into water, something which typically takes place in the first 48 hours of a duck successfull hatching.I looked at the mamma duck and her nine babies and I screamed on my mobile phone with glee as I asked my friends to join me because I felt so happy.

No doubt the ducks family reminded me that in Iraq we used to have big families, but not anymore.However, I still love to have a big family of my own.

One of the babies is yellow colored which is a very unusual color for a duck to have. My friends started to talk about genetics theories, weak and strong genes. However, one of them suggested that it could be that the mamma duck has cheated on her husband with a very attractive rooster which we keep in the garden surrounding the water pond.

The second stroy is a very sad story.
Last Saturday, as I was walking through the garden in my way to our office, I met face-to-face with a male pigeon that was not able to move.I walked closely to him but he was not attempting to run away or to fly.

I took him in my hands and assured him that he is more than welcome in here.He looked so vulnerablehe and weak.I put him back on the ground and left a bucket of water and some cereals beside him but he did n't show any interest in them either.

He closed his eyes and I started talking softly to him.

Where's your father? Where's your mother?
Do you have any brothers and sisters?
well, do you not have any cousins or friends?
The friend in need is the friend indeed but sadly enough you have none of them.

What happened to you?Why are you so lonely?
Do you want to show your discontent with the war, killing, and human arrogance?

Do you want to protest agains the continuous destruction of our lovely planet by profiteering humans?

Could it be because you are in love and your heart was destoryed by an unfaithful lover?
If your lover dumped you, please don't die, just be strong and get over it!

To this end, he fell on his left side and passed away.

I felt so sad the whole day.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Monday, 8 June 2009

Ahly Ya Iraqeen! My Relatives The Iraqis!

It's the start of summer holiday and all the people around me are either going home or enjoying a sunny time in Spain or some other tourists' hot spots except me as I have to work day and night to pay the cost of studying and staying here in this very expensive city.I realy miss my country and my beloved city Baghdad. I just feel so sad that I can't spend this summer with Ahly Al Iraqeen.I want to share the risks, the heat, the dusty weather and the lack of power and clean water with Ahly Al Iraqeen. I herd this song by Haitham Yousif and I want to share it with you hoping that we as a nation will be reunited again to build a new Iraq full of love. The start of the song says:

My relative the Iraqis
O people O Kind-hearted
Lets live as brothers
Human loves human
To rally distant people
My relative the Iraqis