Thursday, 28 May 2009

Ammo Baba has died!

Iraq's most popular soccer player and former Iraqi national soccer coach Ammo Baba, who's real name is Emmanuel Baba Dawud, has died in a hospital on May 28, 2009, in the northern city of Dohuk from ill health.He was 74 years of age.

The picture shows Ammu Baba poses during a training session with under 17 youth players 15 February 2002 in Baghdad.

He was mourned by Iraqis and sporting officials, who said his death was a loss for Iraqi soccer. “Ammo represented all that was good about Iraqi football,” said Najih Hammoud, the first deputy of Iraq’s soccer federation.

Dawud first gained notoriety in Iraq after scoring the country’s first goal in an international game in the 1957 Pan Arab games.

He was named coach of the national team in 1978, and later lead Iraq to two Olympic appearances in 1984 and 1988.

I feel very sad because we lost a real and an honest man who served and loved Iraq and the Iraqis during the rest of his life.

May Allah bless him and grant him peace

Friday, 15 May 2009

Some beautiful pictures!

The Top Images From The Internet For Year 2008!

The best natural exterior picture
88.6% votes

The best natural interior picture
90.7% votes

The best urban picture
87.8% votes

The best “Human” picture
86.2% votes

The best “On the Spot” picture
86.3% votes

Special Category for best “Human Landscape"
87.7% votes

Special Category for Best “Animal World”
89.3% votes

Special Category for Best “Pets (Dogs)"
83.6% votes

Special Category for Best “Pets (Cats)”
82.7% votes

Special Category for Best “Urban Painting”
88.9% votes

Special Category for Best “Body Paints
86.6% votes

Special Category for Best “Adventure Sport"
80.9% votes

Special Category for Best “Transport”
86.7% Votes

Special Category for Best “Public Display (Masculine)”86.7% votes

Special Category for Best “Public Display (Feminine)”
86.7% votes

Special Category for Best “Public Display (General)”
86.2% votes

The Special Mention
86.7% votes

The Prize that leave us with the last word...
92.6% votes

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Aisling weather Forecast!

Aisling is a kind colleague who is studying with me in college. She is clever, hardworking, funny, simple, ready to help others and also moody.The fact that she is a moody girl means, she might change her mind at any minute.There are many factors for this psychological phenomenon.Obviously, she bears some responsibility but I believe there are other factors such as genetics and weather.The weather here is unstable and changes quickly which means having four seasons in one day. I think the stability and instability in weather conditions is affecting people's behavior anywhere in the world.Therefore, the moody behavior of Aisling is caused in large part by the unstable weather. To have an idea about the level of her moodiness, just read what I call, Aisling weather forecast:

9am: Partly Cloudy = Approach her with caution

10am: Mostly Cloudy = Just say yes or no.It's getting very serious now

11am: Rain = Wear an anti-bullet overcoat. Risk your life by saying any thing

12am: Freezing heavy rain = Wear a very thick anti-bullet overcoat and carry with you a good quality heater1pm

1am: Thunderstorms & Zero visibility = Don't go near her, she is going to kill you

2pm: Sunny = Approach her, she is very chatty now

3pm: Sunny and hot = Good time for political, cultural, social, economical or scientific discussions

4pm: Very hot = Time to talk about love and romance

5pm: Gone to the pub = She says one drink but it means a full session of drinking specially on Friday and Saturday nights. if you are a none drinker like me better to be away