Monday, 25 June 2007

A suicide bomber attacked Al Mansour hotel

A suicide bomber slipped into Al Mansour hotel Monday and blew himself up during a meeting. As a result of this terrorist attack we lost 13 innocent Iraqi who done nothing but worked hard for a united Iraq. They are 13 martyrs who certainly will enjoy their second life in heaven while their killes will be rushed to hell now and then.

It is astonishing that a stunning terror strike could take place in the very heart of Baghdad, by a brainless killer who managed to pass all the three check points, the one at the main entrance and the other two inside.

It is shame that we lose our people in this way because of the laziness and weakness of the Iraqi security forces. It is shame that we failed give full protection to members of the Anbar Salvation Councilfor who were there at the meeting. It is very sad that we lost the brave Iraqi and former Anbar governor Fassal al-Guood, sheik of the al-Bu Nimir tribe, Sheik Abdul-Azizi al-Fahdawi of the Fahad tribe, Sheik Tariq Saleh al-Assafi and Col. Fadil al-Nimrawi, both of the al-Bu Nimr tribe.

It is also very sad that we lost the populat tv presenter and the Iraqi poet, Rahim al-Maliki, also was martyred.

The only relief is that I believe strongly that they all now in heaven enjoying the peace of soul.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Prisoner of Love

A real story that I have wrote about three of my friends in 2002.


Khalid Ibrahim


1. John

“What is life? Madness.

What is life? Illusion, Shadow, a story,

And the greatest good is little enough,

For all life is a dream!”

Calderon de la Barca – Life is a Dream

“…All the troubles of the world were caused by the fact that most people are unable to sit quietly alone in a room for a few hours.”

Blaise Pascal


John is honest and quiet. He has a great tendency to journalism and the talent to support it. He follows his own values and principles and has a very decent sense of humour. He is friendly and harmless, shy and simple, intelligent and reliable, Soft and trustworthy.

If he loves, he is loyal and if he talks he is sincere.

His smile is warm in general, but warmer if he happens to be with a lady both pretty and smart…like Kate or Kath.

He has a natural willingness to serve and help any attractive girl. He will be more than happy to devote his expensive time and true efforts to her.

His first love story was with a girl with whom he spent three years in a pure friendship, and with whom he developed a stormy love affair but only at the end of their third pure year. This should indicate his slow motion to react to his feeling and to the appeal of his heart.

This first love affair ate John’s first year in College. The affair reached its failure by the end of that year and the two lovers decided to split. John did not regret this failure, as he was not the cause of the collapse. He suffered a hard time though.

John entered his second year in College full of hope to find the girl of his dream. She should be beautiful to a certain level. At the very worst her face should be compatible to the medium standard.

She does not have to share entirely the same interests as his own, but she should understand his needs. John was ready to victimise his wish to get a beautiful face if he could at least meet a girl with good characteristics, and who could thus become the real queen of his dreams.

He endured the symptoms of a psychological crisis that resulted from the collapse of his first love story. It was a tough time. He felt most of the time down and lonely, It was very hard for him to sleep alone every night with cold and loneliness surrounding his breath.

He was convinced that no love means no life and no true happiness whatsoever. But he also realised that he should neither lose heart or courage to find a love that never fails or vanishes. Indeed, he had too much love and had desperately needed somebody to be with him. He made up his mind that he should find a girl immediately and not later, that is he decided to find a girl rather than wasting his time messing around as a single.

He believed that there was nothing more exciting in his life, neither ONE WORLD nor COLLEGE NEWS, except to be built into the heart of a lovely girl. Therefore, he very much thought that there could be nothing better than to walk with a COLLEGE girl under the rain, hand in hand, in Front Square, while sharing all his many thoughts and treating her to many riches despite his half empty pocket.

He remembered that he never had a real love affair or a real heated kiss in his entire live, so he did not want to be a foolish admirer but a real lover.

He started to look around. His ideal girl was not to be considered by her face only but by her brain, words and deeds.

2. Kate

“My GOD a moment of bliss. Why, isn’t that enough for a whole lifetime?”

“Earth and Ocean seem

to sleep in one anothers arms, and dream

of waves, flowers, clouds, woods, rocks and all that we

read in their smiles, and call reality.”

P.B. Shelly


Kate is a very attractive girl. Her smile is very powerful. No surprise that John fell in love with her. Any sensible being would be attracted to her lovely face, beautiful smile or her sparkle. She is friendly and fun loving, slim and tall, genuine and romantic. Bubbly.

Her face is a fantastic mixture of beauty and fun.

Her Interests include journalism and men.

Kate’s search criteria of her suitable man, is a lengthy one:

He should be a sweet and funny genius. He should be a man who could bring diverse interests and opinions to combine the depths of her own interests. No harm if he is jobless or homeless. She needs a man who knows what he wants, and somebody who could let her feel secure. He must be fun loving but serious at some level. If he can make her laugh from the depth of her heart then he can do any thing with her.

Before COLLEGE she got many unreliable love affairs and described them as “messy stories”. She thinks they do not deserve attention or mention.

Following the first weeks in College she realised that she would be staying for long, and so decided that a strong long-term love story was very much needed. Love was her definition of stability.

Nothing like love.

Nothing like a “shy kiss” at the Front Arch from a reliable COLLEGE boy.

She started actively to explore the men whom she was attracted to. She enjoyed the challenge of learning the skills of getting their full attention to her. She should be the focal point of their adventure. She was looking for her dream. The outcome was a disaster, four men and four failed love affairs.

Men in her life are a routine. They come and they go. What hurts Kate most was that they treated her like a machine.

At that stage she started to become cynical. She got cynical views of the men around her.Her four failed love story left nothing but a broken heart and a wounded soul.
She became a highly-skilled footballer. Her slogan reads “Test him then kick him”

They come!

They go!

She has to live with the horrible memories of her four machinery affairs. They left some simple marks inside her but she became used to the notion that as they come, they should go.

The fourth love affair took place during the last summer and did not last more than four months. It happened in America away from home and friends. The affair was like a competition. Her partner was trying to prove that he was the cleverest and the strongest in the relationship. Kate tried to prove the opposite. Her heart was the victim of a battle that she lost with a man who used her charms to fill his time.

By the start of this year, Kate thought she needs her own space so she decided to move away from men. She tried to reflect on her last failure to secure a man. Slowly, she began to come to term with study, life and men.

3. Kath

“I sweat. If anything comes easy to me, I mistrust it.”

Lilli Pulmer

“What if you slept?

and what if, in your sleep, you dreamed?

and what if, in your dream, you went to heaven and there

plucked a strange and beautiful flower?

and what if, when you awoke, you had the flower in your


ah, what then?”

S. T. Colderidge


Kath is sweet and cute. Wise and reliable.

She is a powerful beautiful blondie. She is very attractive with an innocent childish face. She is gorgeous. She is very much serious most of the time, mostly when she wears her glasses.

Her face consists of an astonishing mixture of beauty, innocence, shyness and seriousness. No place for games or playing with words. She has the ability to capture the attention of any decent man and John who has a green soft heart was not an exception.

She is intelligent and she knows that. She has a creative thinking ability and as a result, her memory cells are fully packed with ideas and thoughts. She demands equal rights with men. No doubt she would never let a man get any power to control her.

She has the leadership skills that led her to a spectacular success when One World, the society she chaired, won the best over all society in College. However, taking into account her shyness and seriousness, there are many questions, left to be settled.

Has she got the skills to manage a successful prospect of any promising love affair?

Could she read through the face of any new love seeker to find out for herself the signs of honesty, efficiency and reliability?

Could she not wrongly slap the face of a real man who might bring with him a prosperous new exciting era to her life and heart?

She is very shy but nevertheless very much happy to be looked at. She is not ready to any unconditional surrender indeed. A man could try to get her heart, but he will also have to cook and clean and wash dishes. He should be warned that she is ready to fight if necessary to the last bullet for her own principles.

She is a fish that needs the sea, to hold her by an empty hand is not only a visible mistake, but also a big risk. When it is all about her heart then a man should have his characters in order if he wants to have her lovely and lively company.

A man of her dream must have:

1. Strong characters.

2. Good sense of humour.

3. Passionate about what he believes.

4. Some of her beliefs should be echoed by him.

5. Handsome but not necessary if he proved to be honest.

Kath did not have had any real relationship with a man before coming to College. She entered College as white as the snow in Russia.

Her main hope was to make lots of friends and maybe to search through them for that someone special.

She was a bit dreamy, looking forward for a man of her choice to come riding a white horse to rescue her from her very lonely nights and thoughts.

Kath was optimistic and ready to turn the clouds to rain in order to spread the green. On many occasions she could not contain her excitement of getting an offer that deserved to be looked at carefully.

In theory it doesn’t bother her telling the right man “I fancy you” but in order to do so she needs lots of efforts to tackle her shyness and her intention not to lose any of her power.

Her heart is stony for those who she does not like but soft enough for those men who she thinks they deserve a go. She is not an easy target by any means though.

“How to amaze Kath at first glance?” is really an interesting question. You should have a good smile in your eyes and a friendly manner. If something develops, then thank God, it’s good. Otherwise, that is life, you have to send somebody away all the time.

During her years in College, she found two boys. She loved at least one of them. One could argue that no real love, compassion and progress achieved by Kath during her time with the two boys. It might be the case that the selection was poor but the reality is that the cultural pressure in College is very awful.

She saw some friends getting four handsome boys in less than a year! Then she wondered what was wrong with her?

It was a bit of filling time but certainly there was some real feeling from her side at least.

She started the fourth year single. Her love life was calming downs and she was looking forward to meeting Mr Right, black or white. A man who might give her the taste of how she wants her man to be.

4. Kate and John

There were many things that could worked well for both John and Kate. On one hand their likeness to the art of journalism, on the other hand the fact that they are both single and suffered from a recent failure in an immature love affair.

John thrilled by the power of her smile. Nonetheless her figure, her talent, and the friendly way she used to receive him, all in all created a solid likeness in his heart to Kate.

He was not able to wait to see her again. It was more than fun to see her face everyday. She was his Mona Lisa.

On many occasions carl hinted to him not to surrender to any girl, to be solid like any commander in a war, but John was so honest with her. He preferred not to follow this line.

He overjoyed by some of her actions that he interpreted as an interest in him.

He told himself “Oh my God, she fancies me! Its so wonderful, isn’t it?”

It was the happiest time in his whole life. He was proud of any moment with her but for Kate that moment was mixed with her history with men and shadowed with the recent failure in her last affair during the summer.

It was a sunny day when John told me:

“I will have a lunch with Kate this afternoon.”

I saw the sign of happiness and relief on his face. In his view he was heading to a glory.

The next day I saw him but he looked so sad and upset.

“ What happened John?” I asked him.

“ Kate told me you got me wrong.” he sounds so down.

I knew straight away the size of his pain. He was really disappointed. I felt so sad for him. It was a fast move from victory to crushing defeat. What happened was quite contrary to his wish or expectations, not less than a real torture.

It would be one thing Kate was absolutely wrong. It was totally wrong for Kate to slap him in this unwise manner in which it was done.

A cynic, however, might suggest that she had got the experience to read the runes of any new comer but it was with regard to John, heading toward failure and misjudgement. Crucially, John was keen although to declare himself as a lover, surely, it could be argued that given his personal interest in Kate he would have wait a bit longer to give her time to come in term with the brainless crap in her recent love history. However taking into account the quality of his characters, and his honesty, this argument is not valid by all means.

A Greek philosopher advised his students saying:

“If somebody asked for your name, do not give it immediately, but think for at least half hour.”

You can not understand why she rushed him out of her life so quick without any justification or a good thinking whatsoever.

Then, too many questions left with out any answer!

Was it not possible for Kate to be soft and nice and not give John hell? Usually we lose nothing to be nice with people.

Why did she block an attempt by a decent man to give her a real taste of love that she never have had in the rest of her life?

Did she grow up enough to make a decision of life or death?

Why did she kill the start of a revolution in just a second? A revolution she consciously shaped and judged with madness and stupidity.

Why did she not emphasis on the positives aspects of John? They are too many and not easy to count anyway.

The fact of the matter, he was not making nonsense but a very good cause. It was a disgusting moment when she told him “No John good bye!”

Was it some thing to do with her nature, to say no when she is saying yes? Did John fail to study her face? There is little doubt that John did not get any space to think into this direction. Her quick refusal made him afraid of any advance. He did not want to hurt her anymore. That is what he thought anyway.

If this event, his sacking as lover had not occurred, Kate would have a lot better time by considerable level. John was committed to bring her to a new era full of true loveness.

To slap an honest man, and to welcome a cheater! What type of girls would do that? The answer is many types. However, Kate is from the bubbly type. They are doing it for fun and maybe power but in her case she is clever enough to find out soon or later that this is not her way forward.

Needless to say, there are nervous times in our life when we make some stupid decisions that we pay their cost for the rest of our life.

5. Kath and John

John was wounded severely by Kate. Therefore, I got the idea that Kath is the best girl for him. They both work for One Word she as a chair and John as her secretary. Then I realised a promise that I gave Kath when she told me early in this year:

“Khalid do not set up me with any of your friends.”

“Kath be sure I won’t do that again.” I promised her.

It is going back to the early 1999 when my friend Ahmed the treasurer of One World at the time told me about his likeness for Kath.

“She invited me to her house in Baggot Street, she cooked for me and we had a very good chat.”

Ahmed on his side was very positive, he told me:

“I love Kathy too much, I love to be with her”

Then I thought he would have an easy task with Kath but for my surprise she refused this generous offer may be for good reasons.

It was the annual international food festival where Ahmed decided to declare himself to Kath as the ultimate lover. I told Kath “Ahmed is going to talk to you directly tonight.” She was very embarrassed. Her face was red. I realised that she is very shy since.

Then I found out that some other members of the committee such as Lara and Elaine were pushing her not to accept this offer. I though it was not fair for them to do so. Finally, Ahmed seeing this negativity from Kath moved himself away and started a new life which his successes to manage it is visible.

It was difficult for me to move out of my promise but I told myself “well, I am not setting her up with anybody, its all about explaining the facts to John”

I decided to rush out to John telling him:

“Kath is a jewel, you should take care of her.”

At the very beginning John was so glad to get this advice from me. Then I asked him to get rid of his slowness and be a bit serious about the whole issue of Kath. I thought its better and of value for all of us to see Kath with John who we all trust rather than seeing her moving away with somebody coming from nowhere.

I noticed always his delighted face whenever he was with Kath. I herd from him how she cooked for him a vegetarian dinner which the taste of it last in his mouth for long time. I thought they were moving into the right direction but I was fully aware of their slowness, which was almost certainly going to destroy my good wish for them both.

Then, the worst was to come. John felt strongly that Kath is interested in One World only not his feeling toward her. Nevertheless, he was so glad to execute his duty within One World. He really loved One World and loved to do whatever makes her happy.

However, it was so typical everyday, no excitement whatsoever.

“John see you at one in CSC, we have to sign a cheque.”

“Hi John, lets meet we have to design a poster.”

“John lets organise the talk.”

“Oh no John, the flags do not forget them.”

“John, did you send the e-mail around?”

The worst thing about One World was whatever he done, Kath was there to create more for him, almost something out from nothing without thinking seriously about his good characters or his loneliness and ability to be more than a One Worlder.

One day we were sitting at the steps of the dinning hall. He was a bit nervous with me for the first time in our history. He was trying to say:

“Sorry to disappoint you Khalid but Kath’s only enjoyment is to One Worlding me.”

For John, loving Kath was not an option. One World was very much dominated from her side. It was obvious to him that Kath never saw what he could do for her as a lover. She only saw what he did not do for One World.

Kath was a mystery. He did not know whether her heart was occupied by somebody or nobody. He saw her with some boys but he was not sure if she was taking everyone out on dates.

On the other side Carl was pressurising him with many duties related to COLLEGE News. While Jean was also a deputy editor, he was the one who paid the cost from his time, life, and study to have the newspapers ready in time for College. He always respected Carl, and admitted that Jean has the skills, but his question was why he has to pay the heavy prise always?

Kath thinks that “John is lovely” but “ he did not ask me out!”

Its very much true that John is slow enough to ask a girl for a date. The interesting question is, if he is lovely, why did Kath not try to explore him and take him out of the world of One World even if it is just for a day or so?!

Some time you never know what is going on in life, but his slowness plus her shyness and seriousness were strong enough to combat even a big revolution.

6. John and the future

I believe, there is little to be done to bring Kath and John together, but it might be fruitful for John and Kate to revisit their history if they want a real change.

Its not too late at all, all what Kate needs is an immediate action to redesign her thinking to focus on an ultimate objective, which is to study John and give him the opportunity to prove himself.

Kate should capitalize from her history and capsulate the wish and likeness of John to be with her. It is hard to fight against the will of his heart, she is there at the centre of it.

The truth is cruel but it can be useful, and it makes anybody regain a new thinking. For good or bad, for better or worst, Kate still has time on her hands. The reality is, with John her world would be a safer place.

During the past time little was achieved between Kate and John. However, the next chance will be left totally open for their goodwill to pick up the bits and pieces in order to replace the failure by a series of successes.

There is no man so good to her but John. She does not know his good quality until she gets his heart from him. A heart, which he is ready to give now but may be not later.

The light of his love will lit her lonely nights.

Kate, clap your hands for John. He is your cure to reach the fulfillment in your daily life.Prisoner of Love

Imam Askariy Shrine attacked again

This is how the Askariy shrine in the Iraqi city of Samarra used to look.

Its famous golden dome rises between two shimmering minarets.

Shi'ite Shrine Shattered

Shi'ite Shrine Shattered

But take a look at the destruction unleashed in the latest of today attack on the holy site.

Shi'ite Shrine Shattered
Shi'ite Shrine Shattered

Iraqis inspect the damage inside a Shrine in Samarra on Wednesday.

All that remains is the tiled facade and the clock tower, which rises alone into the blue sky.

The terrorists attackers set off explosives that brought down the two golden towers that flanked the dome's ruins at the century-old mosque.

The golden dome was previously blown off by the very same terrorists militants in February 2006 but the minarets were then left intact.

The remains of one of the minarets can be seen against the intricately tiled front of the mosque.

This was the scene following the 2006 bombing that blew the golden dome off the holy shrine.

Shi'ite Shrine Shattered

My comments:

Every single honorable Iraqi citizen has great respect for all the shrines, mosques and other holy places. These attacks are done by the brainless terrorists killers who are coming from abroad and can not be by any means part of the real people of
Iraq. We did not experience even a tiny of any of these nightmares happening in our beloved country in the past. We are a mixed society and we have accepted each other long long time ago. The differences between us, in fact, should be a privilege for everybody that show our tolerance and that we are a civilized nation.

We the people of
Iraq have little doubt that these terrorists attacks are well planned to create a civil war between the Shias and the Sunnis. However the terrorists are the loser because a civil war never happened and will not happen in Iraq.

Peace and justice will prevail in our holy Land

Putin: Put US anti-missile interceptors in Iraq!

The Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that the United States should think about locating anti-missile interceptors in NATO member Turkey or even in Iraq.

It seems that all the challenges that the Iraqis have to overcome at the moment are not enough and now we have to be a proposed location for the American anti-missile interceptors according to President Putin!

It seems, we the Iraqi people, have no say as to what we want and what we do not want! Others on daily basis are making decisions on our behalf without even a tiny consultation.This is too risky for our nation and could harm us for generations to come.

It is shame that very few politicians got the time to publicly criticize president Paten’s proposal. The fact of the matter is that we the Iraqi people are a friendly and a peaceful nation. We fed up with wars and killings and we do not want to be part of any military plans or treaty. We should be an independent sovereign country. We must be a neutral country when it’s about military operations that are not in the benefit of the Iraqi people or the other nations in the region.

I have to say that President Putin is giving what he certainly does not own. We want peace and nobody other than us the Iraqi people could decide about our own destiny.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

There is just one GOD

We may have too many names for ALLAH but the reality we just have one ALLAH and let me tell you why. It is a normal practice for a friend to argue or even fight with another friend. The same could be applied for husbands and wives, brothers and siters and so on. Therefore if we have two ALLAH then they will fight each other and certainly we will lose the stability of our universe as a direct result. Therefore it should be said that we just have only one GOD i.e one ALLAH whatever the name you, me or others may use.

Why if you throw an apple it comes down?

No No No No it is not due to Newton's Law of Gravity but because it should come down to enter the mouth of a hungry man, a hungry woman, a hungry rat or whatever!

The man who becam a dog!


It was back in my beloved capital Baghdad in the 80's when I got a chance to see a play entitled "The man who became a dog" which was produced by the Iraqi artist Qasim Mohammed. The venue was the institute of fine arts in Baghdad. I got the idea of the play and wrote my own version in 1998.

The man who became a dog


Khalid Ibrahim

Cast breakdown:

A family of a wife and her husband in their mid thirties, two boys 12, and 13 years of age and a director of a company (an old man in his late fifties).

Scene one

The play starts with a mixture sound of dogs and sheep.

The husband (entering the stage hand in hand with his wife


Colombia, Colombia, Colombia

We are going to Colombia!

Then the two sons enter the stage.

The first son: Dad what is the story?

The second son: Tell us Dad!

The husband: History is to be made!

We are all going to Colombia for a holiday!

The first son: Colombia?

The second son: Hey, I was not consulted! This is unjust.

The first son: Is there any democracy in this house?

Our voice should be herd!

We are two and you are two.

The husband: Historically, in our family, kids cannot have any say on foreign affairs until they become 18.

The second son: Oh Dad no! What you done is so bad. This is a real dictatorship! You are no more than another Saddam!

The husband: No, not at all. I am not Saddam. I hold the same principles as the great French revolution. Equality! Justice! and Liberty! Only, your Mum and me are acting on your behalf until you get enough skills and experience.

The wife: Sons, you have no option but to come with us. We cannot leave you here on your own. You won’t survive.

The first son: You cannot force us to go. They call that child labor.

The first son -facing his brother-: do you think we can take them to the court and make some money out of this crisis?

The wife: Sons, we love you and we are sure you will enjoy it.

The husband: Colombia is green and beautiful, we will see it and study the history of this country. Sing with us sons

Colombia Colombia Colombia we are going to Colombia

Colombia Colombia Colombia we are going to Colombia
Colombia Colombia Coo Loo MMMMM Biaaaaaaaaaaaa

Colombia Colombia Colombia we are going to Colombia

Colombia Colombia Colombia we are going to Colombia

Colombia Colombia Coo Loo MMMMM Biaaaaaaaaaaaa

The two sons -sing but sound unhappy-:

Colombia Colombia Colombia we are going to Colombia

Colombia Colombia Colombia we are going to Colombia

Colombia Colombia Coo Loo MMMMM Biaaaaaaaaaaaa

Colombia Colombia Colombia we are going to Colombia

Colombia Colombia Colombia we are going to Colombia

Colombia Colombia Coo Loo MMMMM Biaaaaaaaaaaaa

Scene two

The wife reading a book with her two kids who are talking with each other. The husband comes back with a very sad face.

The wife: What going on? What happened?

The husband: Too bad to tell

The wife: Are you very sick?

The husband: No, more than sickness

The wife: Did you kill the principal of your school?

The husband: No

The wife: Did he try to kill you?

The husband: No

The wife: Did you try to kill yourself?

The husband: No

The wife: Did you kill one of your students?

The husband: No

The wife: Did you join a gang of killers?

The husband: No

The wife: Tell me then

The sons: Tell us Dad

The Husband: I lost my job as a teacher of history at the school

The first son: Good news, people should be able to read history without a teacher.

The second son: You killed us with your history and its time to send your job to history.

The wife -asking the two sons-: Enough, it’s so serious, what will we do for money?

The husband: I tried some other schools, but its a general crises. So difficult to find a job.

The first son: Why you don’t work as a politician? It’s a very profitable job these days.

The second son: Dad, name the party, the historical party. No doubt your aim will be to ask the whole nation to explore and be busy with the history of the past, not to build a future. You don’t need money to do that, only words, not deeds. A very easy task and at the end of day, you are the one who will get a very heavy pocket.

The husband: Historically, our family have had no involvement in politics. Myself, I cannot ask the people to do something and do the opposite in my private life, the way, most politicians do.

The wife: I worked for years before marriage as an accountant and I’m sure, I will find a job. Are you ready to be the housekeeper?

The husband –thinking for a moment-: Well, I have no choice. Go and find a job.

The wife -taking his hand and saying-: Thanks I love you man. In my entire history, you are the only man that I loved.

The husband: For me, historically, this is the worst moment in my life.

The first son -taking his brother out-: History, history, history. History is bunk. Do we really need this? Let us go.

Scene three

The husband mopping the floor and the two kids are watching him.

The first son: Dad, you should learn how to clean.

The second son – looking on the floor-: Missed a spot. Dad I’m sorry, someday you will be the best cleaner on this planet.

The second son -drops some papers on the floor-: Dad, you are paid to do a good job. Clean the floor. Do your job Dad. Don’t mess around. History will record for the coming generations.

The husband looks at him very nervous.

The first son: Dad could I ask you a question?

The husband –very nervously-: whattttttt?

The first son: On the basis that you are doing the duties of mum, what we should call you from now on? Mum? Mammy?

The husband -throwing the mop on the floor and saying very nervously-: Shut up I kill you, I cannot give birth so I am Dad and the only Dad in this house.

The first son: But Mum, is not giving birth anymore. She brings home the bacon. She wears the pants. There is only one boss. She is the boss, who is getting you and us money, so she is Dad.

The husband -very angry and following them with the mop-: You must know that there is only one Dad in this house and its me. I’m the Dad.

The two sons: Who is in the house? Mummmmmmmmmy

Who is in the house? Mummmmmmmmmy

Who is in the house? Mummmmmmmmmy

The husband: Daddddddddy



The two sons -running away-: Bye mummy mummy mummy

The husband - following them with the mop and repeatedly saying-: Daddddddddy



The husband -alone speaking to himself-: To be a Dad or a Mum that is the question? I am losing power to my wife. You are not Dad but Mad. There are two husbands in this house. I need a revolution!

The husband –climbs the table holding up the mop-: What do we need? A revolution. When do we need it? Now

What do we need? A revolution. When do we need it? Now

What do we need? A revolution. When do we need it? Now

One House, one leader, meeeeeeeeeeee.

One House, one leader, meeeeeeeeeeee.

One House, one leader, meeeeeeeeeeee.

Who is in the house? Daddddddddy

Who is in the house? Daddddddddy

Who is in the house? Daddddddddy

One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age with the “Mummy” name.

The wife -coming with some bags-: Hi, did you do the cooking?

Did you clean the house? Where are the kids?

The husband –flings away the mop and taking his wife by surprise-: Enough, you stay home, I will go out to find a job. We should have one husband not two.

The wife: You know I love you, ok no problem. Go and find yourself a job.

The two sons-coming back-: But not history!

Scene Four

The wife and her two kids are waiting the husband. A newspaper is thrown on the floor.

The wife -on his arrival-: Did you find a job?

The husband –looks like beings attacked-: No, people by thousand are losing their jobs. I don’t know. It’s madness at there, –looking down-, they took my shoe.

The first son -taking the newspaper from the floor-: There is a job in this newspaper

The husband: Which newspapers?

The first son: The evening dogs. Listen:

A director of a sheep company needs a man to be his dog. He should be married, friendly but tough with skills. Call to 24 Dogs Road, Sheep city after 6pm. Duties include minding the sheep and the office and giving an attractive smile. The job is a well paid.

The husband: Son give me the newspaper. I should go now.

The wife -back to her book-: Good luck dear.

The husband –speaking to himself while moving out-: To be a dog out is better than being a Mummy in.

The second son -asking his brother-: Do you think dad will be a good dog?

The first son: Your Dad was a dog from the first day.

The second son: And why he needs a married man?

The first son: A stable dog is stronger than a lonely one.

The second son: So you think, Dad is more likely will get the job?

The first son: Every dog has his day.

Scene Five

The song “Hound Dog”.

The director of the sheep company on his chair.

The husband is entering his room.

The husband -very politely-: Sir, do you need a man to be your dog?

The director: Yes I do.

The man: I am ready to be your dog and do whatever the job might need.

The director: Ok, let us first fill the application form. Are you a dog? Are you a good dog?

The husband –looking left and right-: Hummmmm, yes I’m a dog. A very good dog.

The director: Do you have a good link with the dog community?

The husband: Of course, I know all the dogs in my area by name. They know me very well.

The director: What did you do for them to solve the housing and health crisis?

The husband: I called on the government to make sure that dogs will enjoy a decent life and a prosperous future in this country.

The director: What is the best proverb that you know as a dog?

The husband: Love me, love my dog.

The Director: Do know how to smile like a dog?

The Husband –opening his mouth widely- Heeeeeeeeeeeeee, Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

The director: Are you married to a dog?

The husband: Yes, I was in love with my dogfriend for years then we get married and have two kids.

The director: Cool, ok are you ready for the practical test?

The husband: Yes I do.

The director: Now I am a sheep who is coming in and I want you to keep me out like any respected dog.

The husband: Yes sir.

The director -coming back to the stage on four-: Maaa Maaa Maaa Maa

The husband -from his position saying very weakly-: Haw Haw Haw Haw

The director -moving around him-: Maaaaaaaaa Maaaaaaaaa Maaaaaaaaaa

The Husband -very shy and slowly putting himself on four, he seems begging the sheep out-: Haw Haw Haw

The director for a while is trying to push the husband to act against him. The husband doesn’t know what to do. He is like a blind in love with the job.

The director -standing up very nervously-: Out Out Out you can’t be my dog. You are worst than a mouse.

The husband: Please please give me another chance, please, please sir give me a last chance.

The director: Ok ok ok I give you one more chance to be a good dog.

The husband: Thanks Thank you sir.

The director -repeats the test and the husband attacks him like any vigorous dog-:Hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

The director -begging him to stop his attack in a very soft way-: Ma Ma Ma please Ma Ma Ma

The husband -taking his neck between his teeth-: Hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

The director -in fear-: Maaa, stop I give you the job. Maaaaaaa

Herd my sheep. Herd my sheep. Herd my sheep.

The husband -very happily leaving him and walking on four victoriously attacking the audience-: Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw.

Scene six

The director is playing with his dog. Throwing his keys many times and his dog bringing them back very quickly. Now he is on his way to move out putting some thing in the mouth of his dog.

The director: Be careful, take care of the office. Don’t let sheep or anybody inside my room

The husband -following him saying very strongly-: Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw.

The director is out and the husband is hearing sound of sheep and answering by a very strong Haw Haw to all the directions.

Scene seven

The wife and her two kids are waiting his arrival.

The wife: Oh my God, he is too late by now.

The first son: I think he met an attractive dog on his way home.

The two sons are laughing and the wife asks them nervously to shut up.

The husband is coming now on four showing sense of tiredness.

The two sons -going to his direction saying many times-: Dad Dad Dad give us money Haw Haw

The husband is hawhawing on them as to say he is not willing to give them money.

The wife is now behind her husband trying to help him but now he is trying to bite the first son.

The first son: Barking dogs seldom bite

The second son -running away from his dad-: History was more better, at least without bitting.

The husband is leaving his first son and trying to bite his second son.

Now the wife is coming between them asking her kids to leave and giving her husband his dinner.

The husband is eating. Still on four though.

He is Hawhawing to attract his wife and get her beside him. Now he is trying to thank her in the way a dog does.

The wife: Oh my God, he is a dog now!

He is saying Haw Haw signaling yes.

Scene eight

The last scene, which reflects a crises in the house. They are fighting each other like dogs do.

All on their four except the wife. The battle started between the two sons, the husband is taking one side while the wife is trying her best to solve the dispute.

The wife –looks a bit hopeless-: Barking dogs tell no tales

The wife –speaking loudly-: We should hope for good. There are still alive and a living dog is better than a dead lion.

After a while an over voice of a female is to be herd by the audience:

When there is a collapse in the political system, corruption and plenty of fat cats. The people will lose their morals. Lose their humanity and become like animals.

So, don’t take your life, love and even your study for granted. You might be a dog one day. Just remember the setting is anywhere at any time. Be careful and act.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Stop all the killing in Iraq!

This is my first post and it’s to say stop all the killings in my beloved country
Iraq. Let’s love each other. Let’s love those who have the same views or backgrounds as us and let’s also love those who have different views or backgrounds. It is shame that our blood is so cheap that every day we witness more killings in our streets and cities. It is shame that we as one of the richest countries in the world are busy with wars and killings. It is shame that we kill each other because we have differences.

We have had enough of all these nightmares so lets work together to stop all the killing in our holy land
Mesopotamia. Lets all work hard to stop killings in our beautiful country Iraq, the cradle of civilization.